Thursday, June 7, 2018

why relocate to chicago

Why relocate to Chicago?

N LaSalle Chicago
N LaSalle St.Chicago, IL 60601


  • The largest industrial hub in Midwest America 
  • The largest educational hub in America
  • A diverse international student population in all schools 
  • Internship and paid internship opportunities for college students
  • Great place for continuing education, research and professional development  
  • Top healthcare facilities, hospitals and service providers
  • Unlimited business opportunities and business development 
  • 36 Fortune 500 Companies in the Chicago Loop, Northwest and West Suburbs
  • Convenient CTA and Train Metra commuter railroad serving all suburbs
  • 77 diverse neighborhood communities
  • A diverse population from over 140 countries
  • Multilingual and multicultural professionals and licensed service providers 
  • Multicultural business owners and investors in all industries 
  • Unlimited opportunities in real estate, real estate lease, commercial lease, residential lease, property management, new development, RIO foreclosed properties, luxury properties, new homes and much more ..    

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